El Lliure del futur

El Lliure del futur

The Teatre Lliure Educational Program is a fundamental piece of the Fundació’s project.

From here it is intended to challenge children and young people by offering significant experiences in the arts of the scene before, during and after going to see a show, always from a current perspective.

For the Teatre Lliure, the performing arts must be part of the curricular contents of all ages because they are an engine of knowledge, sensitivity and encouragement of the critical spirit.

In this sense, in the Lliure del futur we present school functions for Primary, specific programming for Secondary, recommended shows of the general programming that can be assisted as an adult audience, and complementary actions.

Going to the theatre in the Lliure is a unique experience!

  • Infinitus – cycle: Initial and middle
    Teatro Caca. Dulce introducción al caos - cycle: Middle and upper
    IMPOSSIBLE? – cycle: Nursery and initial
    Frank – cycle: Primary
    Aquell dia tèrbol que vaig sortir d’un cinema... – cycle: ESO and high school
    José y la Barcelona disidente – cycle: High school
    Casa – cycle: ESO and high school
    N.E.V.E.R.M.O.R.E. – cycle: ESO and high school
    After All Springville – cycle: ESO and high school
  • La mala dicció
    L'oncle Vània
    Crim i càstig
    Síndrome de gel
    Les tres germanes

    We believe that it is very important for adolescents to mix with adult audiences and have the real experience of coming to the theatre. That is why we recommend other shows in our programme.

  • El Lliure del futur
    El Lliure del futur - Procés de creació

    Creative process

    With this approach, students will see how a theatrical creation takes shape, from the initial concept to the première, in three meetings with the artistic team behind the play.

    Understory (resident artists)
    AZKONATOLOSA (resident company)

    Depending on the creative process

    Free with the ticket to the show

    Secondary and High School

    30 September

    15 - 30 students (depending on the process)

    Behind the scenes!

    If you come to see the show, we offer you a tour of the facilities of the Teatre Lliure in Montjuïc. Discover what lies behind the scenes of this internationally renowned stage, in a building with almost 100 years of history!

    In the morning

    25 students maximum

    30 'infant and primary
    60 'ESO and Baccalaureate

    € 1 per student

    Pre-school, primary, ESO and Baccalaureate

    El Lliure a les aules

    Actors, actresses, directors and other members of the artistic teams of our shows will travel to the school to talk to the students about the play they have seen. Questions must be prepared in advance to ask the artists and the teachers must collaborate in the dynamization of the session.

    Aquell dia tèrbol que vaig sortir d'un cinema...

    At agreed times and according to the availability of equipment

    30 'for 1st. and 2n.
    45 'of 3r. to 6th.
    60 ’ESO and Baccalaureate


    Pre-school, ESO and Baccalaureate

    Critics' files

    The Critical Dossiers are material accompanying the shows to make the concept of theatrical criticism more accessible to children and young people - not to train critics, but to encourage an active attitude among the viewer worthy of encouragement, relating the shows in the programme to aspects of theatrical language.

    For young people, the aim is to help them move beyond simply "I like"/"I don't like" - the prevailing culture of clicking on like - and considering what makes a show boring, irritating, what makes them laugh, cry, think and what inspires their imagination.


    Pre-school, primary, ESO and Baccalaureate