creation Cross Border dramaturgy and direction Lucía Miranda

12/01 – 12/19/21

Show cancelled

under the COVID-19 prevention protocol


Wed. to Sat. 20:00
Sun. 18:00
12/16 16:00

Running time

1 h 45'




In Spanish


€9 to €29


Hearing assistance via mobile phone

Accessible Fridays
12/17 audio description and simultaneous translation to Catalan signs language NEW!


After any performance, ¡debate with the company!
Included on sowhs lenght


+ 14 (secondary and high school)


El Lliure del futur

The Cross Border group has celebrated ten years on stage by doing theatre by, with and for the community. Now under the leadership of Lucía Miranda, they ask from article 47 of the Constitution what house means: what it is, what it represents and how the gentrification, the migration, the economic crisis, the refugee crisis and the feminism have changed their meaning in the last 10 years. It is a co-production with Teatro de La Abadía in Madrid and the Théâtre Dijon Bourgogne – Centre Dramatique National.

In this house there are airplanes, a song of Nirvana that can save your life, and a birdman that hypnotizes chickens. An afternoon in Caracas, a night in Paris, a morning in Madrid. There’s a 12-year-old boy and a 60-year-old man who don’t seem to have anything in common but... There are houses where you don’t want to move in and others where you’d stay a lifetime.

There is love. There is much love.

And there is a NASA man watching everything.

Casa is an intergenerational story, a verbatim documentary piece that wonders about Article 47 of the Spanish Constitution. What is home? And when we get lost, when we’re tired, how do we find our way back?

Casa is a documentary theatre work verbatim, made with the Leonardo Grant to Researchers and Cultural Creators 2019 of the BBVA Foundation.

To write Casa 40 people has been interviewed in three cities in Spain. During 2020 a workshop was held within the framework of the Contarlo Festival in Logroño and a round table at the Teatro de La Abadía in Madrid from which material for the piece was also obtained.

As in previous works by the author, each person was interviewed in a personal and independent manner and participated voluntarily and free of charge. She asked each person what he would like to call himself if he becomes a character in this story and his wish has been respected.

The words of the people were recorded and transcribed "word by word". Approximately 95% of this work is a direct transcription of those interviews, 5% is fictional based on the stories told to him.


Pilar Bergés

Ángel Perabá

Efraín Rodríguez

César Sánchez

Macarena Sanz


Anna Tusell


Pedro Yagüe


Nacho Bilbao


Javier Burgos


Teatre Lliure, Teatro de La Abadía, Théâtre Dijon Bourgogne – Centre Dramatique National and Cross Border


Román Mendez


Helena Ordoñez

© Javi Burgos
© Javi Burgos
© Javi Burgos
© Javi Burgos
© Javi Burgos
© Javi Burgos

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