What can we say when we are rendered wordless?

What can we say when we are rendered wordless?

guest Emmanuelle Laborit presents and dinamizes Albert Lladó




Running time

1 h 30'




In French sign language translated on Catalan sign language and on Catalan


€2 - €4 / Subscribers free

How can we engage in effective communication, yet without giving up interpretation? How can we defend freedom of expression if we do not bear all possible expressions in mind?

The French actress Emmanuelle Laborit, the author of Le Cri de la mouette, is a touchstone in the struggle to ensure that culture also reaches deaf people. The director of the International Visual Theatre of Paris, she has an extensive career in both theatre and film.

A continuation of the forum for dialogue, criticism and debate organised by the Teatre Lliure and fostered by Marina Garcés and Albert Lladó, where the tools of theatre art and philosophy are used to consider today's great conflicts. This season there are eight sessions.