A l’ombra de les noies en flor

A l’ombra de les noies en flor

A la recerca del temps perdut, 2 by Marcel Proust adaptation Josep Maria Pinto direction Jordi Bosch

21/03/22 - 13/09/22
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03/28 at 18:30 (on-site only)
Translating Proust
round table with Valèria Gaillard, Lluis Maria Todó, Juan de Sola and Josep Maria Pinto
moderator Àlex Susanna

05/23 at 18:30 (on-site only)
Publishing 'The Search'
round table with Josep Lluch (Ed. 62), Isabel Monsó (Viena Edicions) and Amadeu Cuito
moderator Àlex Susanna (also editor of Columna's version)

Limited capacity, access in strict arrival order.

03/28 El cantó de Guermantes
04/11 Sodoma i Gomorra
05/09 La presonera
05/16 Albertine desapareguda
05/23 El temps retrobat

After Combray, there are two other major settings in the Search: Paris, or everyday life in the city, and Balbec, or summer in a seaside town.

This volume covers the early years of the narrator's adolescence in Paris and his relationship with Gilberte Swann, as well as his initial contacts with high society: Madame Swann, the theatre, and his meeting with the writer Bergotte. As a young man in Balbec, one of his dreams comes true when he discovers the coast of Normandy and this town and its church in particular, which for him represent an ideal of rural, wild and pure beauty.

He spends a few months in Balbec, where he travels accompanied by his grandmother and Françoise, the family's maid. They stay in the Grand-Hôtel, a "palace" typical of the Europe of the Belle Époque. There he meets Robert de Saint-Loup, a young aristocrat who will become one of his best friends. The promenade is the meeting place for summer visitors, and one day he sees a group of girls with whom he falls in love immediately and "as a group". However, each member of this group gradually acquires their own personality. Of all of them, Albertine will occupy the place that Gilberte has left in his heart.

To mark the centenary of In Search of Lost Time, Marcel Proust’s most emblematic novel, we offer you seven recitals (one for each of the seven volumes that make up the work) based on Josep Maria Pinto’s translation and selection of texts. The sessions directed by Jordi Bosch will be accompanied by piano and violin.

Proust’s novel was written between 1908 and 1922, and with James Joyce’s Ulysses, was the cornerstone of the new narrative of the twentieth century, and irreversibly transformed the way time, space and own self are narrated from what himself named 'involuntary memory'.

You can also attend in person at the Espai Lliure the seven performances of this show on the first day of broadcast.


Claudia Benito

Jordi Boixaderas

Mario Gas

Emma Vilarasau


Jordi Prim


Daniel Vidal


Josep M. Pinto


Teatre Lliure


Viena Edicions

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