Before the show

The pre-function debates, entitled Other Autorships, are organised in collaboration with the Association of Lighting Authors (AAI) and the Association of Scenographers of Catalonia (Ad'EC) to bring all stage authorship (lighting, space, video, costumes and sound design) closer to both general and specialised spectators.

They consist of a conversation between the space and lighting designers of the show (and other possible designers) to activate the spectator's gaze and to be able to experience the performances from different stage awareness.

They take place on Fridays at 17:00, are free with the show ticket and last one hour. All the pre-function debates take place in the performance's hall.

The pre-function debates for the 21/22 Season are as follows:

02/25/22 Crim i càstig
03/31/22 Síndrome de gel

The spectators who come to the pre-function debates will have a discount at the Restaurant de Montjuïc, in the waiting time between the pre-function and the evening's performance./


This season we offer 6 debates after the show with the artistic team and the cast of each one of them, moderated by the culture journalist Anna Pérez Pagès. A space to bring the audience closer to the creation of the show and share a conversation with the company.

We organised this debates with the 4 premieres of our own production and added two revivals that suspended performances in the autumn of 2020 and, therefore, also the respective debates. We return to the initial idea of convening them on Fridays, after holding them last season on Sundays, forced by pandemic time restrictions.

The debates after the show for Season 21/22 are as follows:

10/15/21 Bonus Track
11/12/21 Aquell dia tèrbol que vaig sortir d'un cinema...
04/22/22 Síndrome de gel
06/17/22 Les tres germanes