Poesia visual culinària (dibuix i escena)

Poesia visual culinària (dibuix i escena)

with David Ymbernon



11:00 to 14:00
16:00 to 17.00 h
a performance per hour

15 people maximum

+ 10

Running time

45' per session


Espai Lliure hall


In Catalan


Free previous booking

Once again this year, the Lliure is participating in the celebration of the birth of Picasso with the presence of an artist providing a workshop for audiences of all ages. Our guest this year is David Ymbernon, a visual artist and poet who is enthralled by the colour orange, who on this occasion wants to stimulate our interdisciplinary expressive abilities. He will do so by engaging in theatrical and poetic work based on drawing and cooking.

David Ymbernon is a visual artist and poet possessed by the colour orange. He regularly shows his work at museums and other art spaces. He has made numerous stage sets under the title of Latung La, which leads him to participate in all sorts of international festivals. He has published his poetry in books and poem compilations. He has received different awards. ‘Ymbernon’s practices reciprocally influence one another; his incredibly grand creation—pictorial, objectual and theatrical—is enormous, of superlative proportions, radical in its lack of pretence, its lack of impostature and its lack of fakeness, its few performances and the bare separation between life or dailiness and art’ (Carles Hac Mor).

This project is a perfume accompanied by a performative conference. It is a sensual treatise on the essence of things and the contemporary return of the great narratives, which is paradoxical in such a diverse, ever-changing world. The volatile work, though also concrete and present, is difficult to escape: it imposes its apparent essence. Sharing national identity is complicated. How do we share that which is intuitive and personal yet objective or at least collective? Now that politics are based primarily on division and antagonism, how can we find the sense of cohesion and solidarity? One possible solution is thinking about politics as concretely as possible. Jacques Rancière issued the famous statement that politics is the delimitation of the sensible. Smell may be a powerful weapon; it may construct inevitable policies. We turn into the other: we immerse ourselves in it; the olfactory sense comes first. We discover a strange new sense in the perfume that transforms us. Essence of Poland.

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