Noli me tangere (no em toquis)

Noli me tangere (no em toquis)

Niño de Elche and the collaboration of the playwriters Marc Artigau, Clàudia Cedó, Albert Lladó and Victoria Szpunberg

09/25/20 - 09/27/20

Show completed


Friday to Sunday at 20:00

Running time



Sala Fabià Puigserver


Catalan and Spanish


€ 9 to € 29

After a period of time characterised by a sense of uncertainty, exceptionalism and disruption, by the suspension of rights, by death and disease, the Teatre Lliure does not want to begin the season as if nothing has happened.

Aware of this profession’s facet of collective, symbolic ritual, the opening this season revolves around bring a kind of secular mass to the stage. We are also taking advantage of the basilica-shaped layout of the Sala Fabià Puigserver hall and bringing back the secular, civic meaning of this structure, which was for citizen gatherings in the Roman era. We will conduct a liturgy there which will showcase theatre as a cultural and especially artistic act as important as any act in other spaces meant for religious worship. The celebrant in this ritual will be Niño de Elche, a cantaor who highlights his deep flamenco roots using a completely heterodox approach. He is a subversive, transgressive and dissident artist, who is always seeking new creative challenges to experiment with and aiming to bring together different artistic languages.



Niño de Elche and a choir by Alejandro Quesada, Enric Clarós, Marta Bassols, Matias Kauppi, José Rovira and Urbana Rodríguez


Juan Carlos Martel Bayod and Georgina Oliva


Marc Lleixà


Teatre Lliure