Katharsis 22/23


observation - listening - recognition - judgment

19/01 - 28/01/23








€9 to €29


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After asking ourselves what theatre is, what defines us, and quoting Rilke regarding "living the questions" with performative lectures, admiring the margins and the always positive lack of definition in the performing arts, Katharsis reaches its fourth year in the midst of a more profound existential crisis than when it was established. We are more profound, and we enjoy it.

This year, we are conceptually inspired by one of the definitions of the word distortion: a contortion of images, sounds or other electrical signals due to imperfections in the processing and transmission systems, as an example of how we can be changed by what is happening around us, in terms of communicating with each other or perceiving reality. For this year's edition, we are seeking ideas that distort the idea of theatre, society and ourselves. And ideas that help us to see the reasons for this distortion.

Katharsis was created in 2020 with the aim of always questioning how we produce and experience theatre. As in the first edition, we will be joined by local and international artists who will be using observation, listening, recognition and judgement to show the extent to which their signal has been distorted by the imperfections of the system that shapes us, the system in which we live and the one we want to create.

1. [Gen. voc.] Deformation caused by twisting.
1 2. [Gen. voc.] Misrepresentation. The distortion of reality was constant during the Franco dictatorship.
2 . [Med.] Sprain 2. Distortion of a ligament.
3 . [Phys.] [Telecomm.] [Elec.] Deformation of images, sounds and other electrical signals due to imperfections in the processing and transmission systems.


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