Concours européen de la chanson philosophique

Concours européen de la chanson philosophique

idea and dramaturgy Claire de Ribaupierre idea and direction Massimo Furlan

February 6 and 7

Show completed


Thursday and Friday 20:00

Running time

2h. 15' no interval




9€ - 29€


Multilingual show subtitled in Catalan language

The multidisciplinary Swiss company Numero23Prod. and Théâtre Vidy-Lausanne brings a very unusual Eurovision festival to the stage. Starting with thought as the basis of creation, they present eleven songs written by contemporary philosophers. Two presenters, Massimo Furlan himself and Sílvia Abril, will act as masters of ceremonies, and a local jury will consider and vote for the best piece at each show. This is a mischievous piece of theatre, that humorously resists the disdain of populist discourses and the disappearance of reflection from the public domain, in favour of entertainment.

Thursday and Friday 20:00

9€ with the free card Generació Lliure!!
pack 32€ with Le sorelle Macaluso

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“Because if we are here tonight it is to entertain us, it is to play our contemporary rites, but also to think, to have the pleasure of sharing a thought. To think is not to suffer, it is to be attentive, and to be active. Thinking is a pleasure that is shared, thinking is also being together, meeting, and listening to each other. Tonight we will merge the pleasure of music and thought.”
- Massimo Furlan i Claire de Ribaupierre

"Emancipation must be sung, and thought must be sung, for humanity’s true “common sense” is music, the fissure where the body and its conditions of liberation are always preserved. That is why it is good for philosophers to make songs.”
- Santiago Alba Rico

a book
the songs


Massimo Furlan

Sílvia Abril


Dominique Hunziker i Davide De Vita singers / François Cuennet keyboard / Arno Cuendet guitar / Mimmo Pisino bass / Hugo Dordor drums


06/02 Antonio Baños, David Bueno, Marina Garcés i Marta Salicrú / 07/02 Íngrid Guardiola, Albert Lladó, Dolors Miquel i Bel Olid


Jean Paul Van Bendegem (Belgium, Flemish region), Vinciane Despret (Belgium, Walloon region), Philippe Artières (France), Santiago Alba Rico (Spain), Michela Marzano (Italy), Kristupas Sabolius (Lithuania), Ande Somby (Norway), Mladen Dolar (Slovenia), Mondher Kilani (Switzerland), José Bragança de Miranda (Portugal) / music composition Monika Ballwein (lead), Maïc Anthoine, Gwénolé Buord, Arno Cuendet, Davide De Vita, Lynn Maring, Bart Plugers, Karin Sever


musical direction Steve Grant, Mimmo Pisino / coordination and musical supervision Laurence Desarzens, Thomas Dobler / movement Anne Delahaye / setting Massimo Furlan / lighting Antoine Friderici / costumes Severine Besson / make up Julie Monot


video technicians Stéphane Janvier, Oliver Vulliamy, Marc Vaudroz and Jad Makki / dressmaker Cécile Delanoe / management Gautier Fournier and Tristan Pannatier and the teams of the Théâtre Vidy-Lausanne


Numero23Prod. – Théâtre Vidy-Lausanne in collaboration with the Haute École de Musique de Lausanne jazz and contemporary music departments


MC93 - Maison de la Culture de Seine-Saint-Denis, Bobigny - Emilia Romagna Teatro Fondazione Modène - Festival de Otoño, Madrid - NTGent, Gand - Théâtre national d’art dramatique de Lituanie, Vilnius - Rosendal Theater, Trondheim - Théâtre de Liège - Théâtre Mladinsko, Ljubljana - Comédie de Genève - Equilibre-Nuithonie, Fribourg - Les 2 Scènes, Scène nationale de Besançon - Teatro Nacional D. Maria II, Lisbonne - Teatro Municipal do Porto


Ville de Lausanne - État de Vaud - Pro Helvetia, Fondation Suisse pour la Culture - Loterie Romande - Fondation Leenaards - Pro Scientia i Arte - Fondation du Jubilé de la Mobilière


INTERREG France-Switzerland 2014-2020 programme and with the financial support of ERDF